Google Ads is a Pay-Per-Click service which allows you to know exactly how many potential clients clicked your Ad. Our PPC agency helps display your content, posts, images, videos, and texts on Google’s first page. As a digital marketing agency that is certified in Google Adwords, we know how important it is to implement the most effective strategies for your brand. Along with our SEO services, our SEM services work in parallel to guarantee your business will be on the first page of Google in any search related to your products or services. A Google Ads management agency will help you target your audience through Google’s search engine.

Display Ad

Showcasing your Ads as pop-ups images while browsing the web. This type of advertising is used best with a CTA or call-to-action purpose.

Search Ad

Pay-per-click service that lets your website be on the first page of Google whenever a relevant search is up.

Video Ad

Run your Video Ads on YouTube, websites, and apps running on Google video partners.

App Promotion

Advertise your application to appear on top of the App Store & Play Store search.


Pay per click advertising or Google advertising doesn’t always bring results from the beginning, but don’t give up yet, these tips will definitely improve your Ad words performance.

Use conditional keywords: If you are using carefully selected keywords and they are not getting you results, you need to switch your strategy right away. Suppose you are a digital marketing agency in Dubai following the keywords:

  1. Digital marketing agency in Dubai
  2. Web development agency
  3. Google adwords advertiser
  4. Certified in google adwords

These would be your main targeted keywords which are using up all your budget, instead try using conditional keywords where users are looking exactly to what you are offering for example:

  1. International digital marketing agency
  2. International web development agency
  3. Agency that does google ads
  4. Pay per click agency or ppc agency

With QTech’s experience, these types of users are more likely to convert leads and lift up your conversions.

Create “Near me” Campaign: this is a technique that is rarely used by businesses running their google ads campaign, more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile phones and they are well aware that Google already knows their location. If you type “near me” next to your search it will bring up more localized service providers. So to create a “near me” campaign, suppose you are in Dubai, go to campaign settings and then location, click on “add location” and select “near me” campaign, search for Dubai and add it. This allows you to target users physically near Dubai, and add relevant keywords like:

  1. Digital marketing agency near me
  2. Web development agency nearby
  3. Google adwords advertiser in Dubai


Understanding what keywords you need to focus on to enhance your business ranking on Google search is really important nowadays. If you choose the wrong keywords you will attract only a few or zero potential sales.

How to choose the right keywords?

Thankfully, technology and internet has made all our lives much easier. With new software and programs available now you can easily find what keywords are being searched most, how often they are being searched, and the level of competition of the chosen keywords.

Google has a free keyword research tool called Keyword Planner which is very easy to use; you think of a topic suitable for your business and type it in. You will get a relevant search with an average monthly search rate and the level of competition for the keyword.

You now have a clear image of how many times people are searching for the keyword, with the difficulty of competition. You need to prepare a strategy to follow, and a budget to spend to compete with others on ranking higher in the desired keyword.

Create content that matches the search

People who use search engines either want to

  1. Learn something
  2. Buy something
  3. Find a specific website

When you are thinking of a keyword to choose, it is essential to only pick keywords that you are able to create content about. Let’s go with dog food, if you are a company that is selling dog food. What would your potential buyers search on Google?

  1. Affordable dog food
  2. Healthy dog food
  3. Dog food

Next, you will write a blog or several blogs about what you think the potential buyer will actually want to read. For example, if you know that your buyers will search for healthy dog food, you will write a blog about “why you shouldn’t buy any dog food brand”. That way anyone who is really a dog enthusiast and has a big concern about different types of dog food, they will read the blog and you would have linked the blog to your website. That way not only have you gained traffic on your website, but you also have a potential client to buy your product! Also, they might refer your blog to other people which would allow them to generate even more traffic and leads to your products.

An seo agency in Dubai usually provides you with a detailed analytics research to recommend the keywords that should be targeted in order to elevate your website traffic, and possibly converting them into potential sales.

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