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Google Analytics is a must for any website as it helps to gain insights on how the users are interacting with your website. That way, it gives you a better idea of what kind of customers you will be dealing with.

We can surely do that with no issues at all, but it depends on the type of website and the limitations the website might provide, we highly recommend having a website being built from the ground up by us, but if really necessary we can build on an existing website.

Shopify helps you build an eCommerce website from start to finish and includes a monthly subscription with different packages. Shopify provides various templates; the only thing is the websites have a limitation, so you can customize it only if Shopify allows. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is an eCommerce plugin which is integrated within WordPress, the plus point of using this is that you have a freedom to edit the website the way you want too, it is free to use but other stuff like hosting, security etc. will be added extra. When it comes to choosing, both are good options, Shopify has its benefit of paying one price and not worrying about anything else. At the same time, WooCommerce is free to use, especially if you cost-conscious this is the best option.

Once the website has been developed, yes, you will be able to update the website independently. We will provide you with training regarding how to add content, and then you can use it on your own, but if you would like, we can handle the website for you once it is developed at an additional cost.

Yes, we can as we are a one-stop-shop for everything, depending on what we discuss with the client we do provide copywriting service too.

The use of .co or .com depends on your situated location as that will help with your SEO, so if you are based within UAE, it is recommended to use .ae for the domain.

React Native is an open-source where the app is developed equally for Android and iOS; the only issue is that there are higher chances to have the software's problems. Still, it is much cheaper to make, on the other hand, Native technology, which we highly recommend is where the app development is done separately on Android and iOS, making the functionality of the apps much better. The only drawback is it is at a higher price.

Yes, it can be done; we personally have developed apps for both platforms.

Depending on the feature that will be added, and the kind of app needed to be developed, it takes approximately 3 to 6 months. And 30 days extra it takes for iOS to get an approval from the Apple Store.

Yes we do, the maintenance contract includes fixing the error, to make sure the app is functioning correctly if any content needs to be replaced or added. Also, the agreement is from a minimum of 6 months to 1-year contract.

Yes, most of the apps we have developed included social sign-in or Google sign in. If you would like to develop the app with us and put in social sign in, we can easily do that.

Yes, it is straightforward. We developed apps for service and product providers for companies. We have done payment integrations for them to make it easy for customers to buy these provided services and product from the app directly.

Yes, you can do that, we also make sure to do the testing for the apps from our side before we give the client for testing making sure the client is satisfied with what has been developed.

SEO which means Search Engine Optimization is an essential feature that does get ignored, unfortunately. When searching using a specific keyword like “Hair Saloons near me” on a search engine like Google, if the company is on the top 5 on the first page, then those hair saloons have invested in updating their keywords for SEO. And these do let them get more customers organically without paying, it is a slow process but guarantees you more customers in the long run.

SEO which is Search Engine Optimization is a more organic way of increasing the ranking within the search engine by keeping the keywords for the website up to date. SEM, Search Engine Marketing is instead of being on the top rankings organically; you can advertise the company which will make the company be on the top but as an ad that guarantees you higher click rates. If you want to receive an SEO/SEM service, contact us now.

A blog is not necessary, but it is recommended for SEO purposes. If you are looking to gain the upper hand within the search engine ranking, then blogs are one of the ways to help you with that.

It depends on the industry your company is in and the keywords are chosen, it may take from 6 months to a year to see the results, depending on the competition.

Yes, it is very much vital if you would like your company to be seen on the search engine for the right thing. For example, if you are a “Hair salon in Dubai” and one of your keywords is Hair saloon Dubai, that needs to be emphasized more within your content. That will automatically let google put you higher on the results if people search that keyword.

The length of the content can be determined depending on how new your business is and what kind of service or product is provided. For example, if the product is costly, there is a need for long content to explain why that is higher. But if the product is already known, then short content is sufficient as the customers are aware of what the product is about.

On-Page SEO is in our control, for example, the keywords we choose, the alt text for images, the content, fixing errors, website speed and usability etc. These factors are in our control. Unlike On-Page, Off-page is not in our control, like backlinks from another website, any promotion methods, the amount of exposure you get from social media, etc. Anything externally affecting the website.

When it comes to posting, it is always necessary to check what type of audience you are willing to attract to your page, based on that you can decide what to post. Post can be quotes, gifs, videos, images, news etc. anything related to your company and the audience you want to attract. But if it still is an issue for you, do not hesitate to contact us as we do provide social media marketing service.

Getting followers depends on the social media you choose to post, the type of content you post, time etc. There are lots of factors needed to be taken into consideration to get followers. The best way to get followers is to have a social media campaign or a creative ad to attract a lot of followers for your page.

Paid Social Advertising is never a bad idea; the only thing that will make it bad is the kind of content you put for that particular advertisement. A good thing to do is incentivise your advertisements to attract more people, to make sure your advertisement does not go to waste.

A person on average uses social media for 2 hrs 30 Min in a single day, not all in one go but bit by bit. It is essential to know what time the social media users are active to post to gain more engagement for the post.

The use of Facebook is done for posting something concerning behind the scenes, selling products, attracting more audience from the age range between 25 to 30 years old and the more informal posts.

Yes, having Video for your social media is highly recommended as Video have higher chances of grabbing attention from potential customers in comparison to pictures or just text.

Choosing the right social media platform for your company is very necessary from the start to gain attention from the right customers from your content. For example, the use of Facebook is done for a more informal tone, more behind the scenes and B2C. On Instagram, it's all about the visual; people like to see the photos rather than the description written below it. On LinkedIn its more for professional, for B2B content.

When choosing shared hosting, the website is sharing a single server with other websites. The websites usually limit the resources when selecting this option, but it ultimately depends on the hosting package you choose.

Domain name is the website link that you type above in the URL bar to visit that particular website.

An email address can be created from the hosting provider itself, some of the hosting providers already provide an email address, but if not, it can be made using Microsoft 365.

The full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer, which means it is a basic technology that helps keep the internet connection secure, safeguarding the resources being sent between two systems and mainly to prevent the website from being hacked.

The back-up of the site depends on where it is being developed; for example, when using WordPress, a plugin can be used to store data. Back up will contain all the content that is required for running the website.

The full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer, which means it is a basic technology that helps keep the internet connection secure, safeguarding the resources being sent between two systems and mainly to prevent the website from being hacked.

The use of .co or .com depends on your situated location as that will help with your SEO, so if you are based within UAE, it is recommended to use .ae for the domain.

The full form of DDNS is Dynamic Domain Name System. It is an automatic function of refreshing the name server. It will automatically update the DNS record without the use of any human interaction.