We offer game development with VR and AR systems. We have worked in various areas of game development, such as creating a virtual reality shopping experience through a virtual mall and virtual showrooms. Metaverse is a new rapidly increasing gaming business, which is a visual treat to gamers. We are also Metaverse developers as the gaming industry is now a serious business with over $200 billion in market value. Metaverse game development is carefully planned from design to development; it is a virtual reality community with a futuristic story that attracts buyers to trade digital assets like NFTs. Most of our projects are developed with Unity software.


Metaverse is the next generation tech, studied and developed for years. You can think of Metaverse as cyberspace. This technology is a virtual reality that exists even when you are not online. It combines your daily life, and your virtual life. However, you don’t need these spaces to be exclusively hosted.
A lot of businesses created a Metaverse division that is under research and development, because they believe that it will play a big role in the future. Metaverse allows you to take a virtual trip to your favorite store, country, or even pick up virtual items. Although this sounds insane, some innovators have created new technologies like NFTs, which are digital assets. NFTs are being sold for a big amount of money, because of the popularity of the person creating them, or if they were purchased by any influencer.

Some people ask, isn’t something like that already available? Like World of Warcraft? Or Grand theft auto? Well, yes, but the Metaverse is different.
Metaverse is 3 elements, a virtual reality interface, a digital asset, and digital avatars.

In the broadest language, the Metaverse is understood as a virtual space where people can work, play, shop, and socialize. It is like your real world made virtual. You can go to your favorite store and purchase clothes. Or even invite people to your place and have a gathering or party.
This version of the Metaverse already exists in other video games, but the Metaverse differs because it goes far more than the virtual world we know. Rather it is a virtual world where you can get whatever you need while you are sitting on a chair, at your home.

Imagine sitting at home thinking that you want to go get some ice-cream, instead of wearing your clothes and going to the shop looking for your favorite ice-cream; you can get into the Metaverse walk through to your favorite shop (virtually) and buy what u need, and have it delivered to your home!
Of course this is still a concept, but many big tech giants are already working on making it happen, such as Meta, Microsoft, and many more.


With VR tech increasing in innovation today, specialists have started to showcase the change that virtual reality can have on a human. Among the benefits of VR, scientists have suggested that in can drastically increase learning patterns for adolescents. It also reduces costs of medical training and military operations, while providing a safe atmosphere with a real experience. With VR you can learn at your own pace, without the fear of being judged by others, or doing the wrong choice and killing someone if you were a doctor. Game development with virtual reality is increasing day by day, especially in learning applications, but what impact does it really have?

Memory is the process in which a person stores information to be retrieved later in the brain – it is compiled of 2 sections, the short-term memory, and the long-term memory. Short term memory is where you store temporary information, as the long-term memory is where you store information like facts, skills, and abilities. Researchers have deduced that there is an increase of receptive learning in virtual reality environments, they suggested that practicing skills in VR simulations allow them to build intense visual memories while using their full body, it makes the lesson more engaging and therefore it will retain better in the memory of the human.


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