Go Plus is a mobile app that is a dream of many people today; you can win rewards by walking, running, or jogging. The concept is that everybody is a winner, they want a healthier community, and they will achieve this by making every step count. The app converts your steps into points which can be redeemed for valuable rewards through their store; they are committed to providing health related offers and discounts based on the individuals preference.


  • Track: Start walking, running, or jogging, and track every step. Login to stay healthy and get rewarded.
  • Convert: You can convert your steps on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis; every 1000 steps is equivalent to 1 point.
  • Redeem: Spend your points on their store, get discounts, offers, and much more. It’s all FREE


The mobile app development company that helped create this life changing app is QTech Networks, with their expertise and knowledge from operating in 4 different countries and with international clients, they were able to create the GOPLUS application and make everybody a winner.

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