The Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center was established as part of the DCT – Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi. Their goal is to support the Arabic language and set general strategies for its development and advancement scientifically, educationally, culturally, creatively, and to promote civilized communication and mastery of the Arabic language at the local and international levels. The DCT initiated this website to support Arab talents in the fields of writing, translation, publishing, scientific research, and visual content industry. The center works to achieve their goals through specialized programs and unique human cadres; as well as partnerships with major cultural, academic, and technical institutions around the world starting from the center’s headquarters in the UAE capital – Abu Dhabi.

DCT contacted a web design company in Dubai and asked for their expertise support in creating and designing the page in a modern way, to attract as many people as possible and flaunt their Arabic talents.

Their goal is to contribute to the advancement of the Arabic language and enhance interest in learning the language among native and non-native speakers for the sole purpose of supporting creativity, authorship, translation, and publishing.


  • Enhancing the mastery of the Arabic language and its adoption in various fields and activities at the local level.
  • Spreading the Arabic language and enhancing its presence globally as a language of science, culture, and creativity.
  • Enabling the production of Arabic content and development of relevant digital technologies in the Arabic language.
  • Supporting scientific research dealing with the development of the Arabic language.


QTech Networks is honored to be able to provide their web development services to such a big governmental entity in the local market, it was a great success.

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