Web Development

A website built with QTech is one built with promise. The promise of original, responsive, and user-friendly content to ensure quality deliverance from you to your audience. We use the latest html5 and css3 capabilities to engineer your site with unparalleled effects, features, even load time. We promise to build your website with the utmost attention to detail. Your website will be held to the highest of new web standards and security provisions.

A responsive site is on our highest priority and part of what sets our work apart from our competitors. We work diligently through many design elements to ensure that your audience will receive the same immaculate content no matter the device they view it on, even mobile versions. With of 80% of online users accessing the internet via their smart phones, we make sure your content is sustainable through a mobile future.

Our web development process is extensive. Our goal is to work with you in a collaborative way to bring your vision and objectives to life. With an attractive design and user friendly adaptive programming, our attention to detail will being you the best websites on the market.


We offer custom content management systems (CMS), development and integration services available to all of our clients. Our CMS solutions help our clients to create, distribute, discover, manage and publish website content all from a simple, easy-to-use interface. Our ability to offer customized PHP/ASP net base CMS allows for stellar integration to your business.Our user-friendly CMS will allow you to manage the content independently the way you want all whilst finding its simplicity an ease to your mind.

Website administrators can easily manage their website content without the need of HTML or other technical expertise. This allows you to be in charge of your current content and its growth abilities. We ensure all of this with the promise of our reliable customer care-every step of the way-to deliver peak performance.

Key features of our CMS:
• Secure Administrative login
• Ability to manage Content Managers’ access levels
• Ability to manage categories/subcategories, pages, & navigation
• Easily Edit Toolbar with ability to edit text, manage colours, images, links, files, table functions & more
• Easily Edit Toolbar both PC & Mac compatible
• Save or publish pages to the live website upon completion
• Multi-platform & browser compatibility