Mobile Applications

We are pioneers in providing IOS and Android mobile applications that are customized to our clients needs. We develop compelling, successful apps that people love. Regardless of your business objectives, we will work closely with you to ensure the delivery of a powerful and innovative mobile solution that impresses your users and takes your brand to new heights.

App Development Service:
• Specialized Android & IOS developers designated to your project
• Agile process with quick ramp-up and integrated sprints and scrums
• Completed in-house project development from A to Z
• Consulting, UI/UX, Development, QA, Delivery
• Full deployment to Google Play &Play Store, support, maintenance, and platform updates
• We use a proven agile process for all of our Android & IOS app development projects

Mobile Application Process

App Strategy:
Proper planning and strategy for the creation of an app is imperative from the start. At QTech, we want to ensure we work closely with you from the start in order to align our specific goals and offer our expertise on your vision. We begin with various analyses such as the competitive market, platforms for delivery, and potential growth among audiences.

UI/UX Design:
Once the strategy is in place, we then focus on the design and functionality of the app. Many people will download or switch application services simply on aesthetics and usability alone. This means making the user experience as pleasing as possible is as high on the priority list as a flawless design. We will test your app to extreme lengths to provide the best mapping and user experience for your audience.

App Development:
We have an extensive team of experienced, and professional iOS and Android developers with many projects in their portfolios of published, successfully trending mobile applications. Our experience is what sets us apart from the competition, with over 20 years in web development, our coding is original and up to date on the proper optimization for the app to continue to bring your users the best content possible.

App Optimization:
Even after development, we make sure to go the extra mile in order to provide the highest performance quality for the app. Testing is done to gain feedback between the companies and ultimately the users it is meant for. We perfect the code, do analyses on the performance and any crashes it might have to promote fast, seamless use for your users.