Difference between a static and dynamic website

When thinking about creating a website, you should know what type works best for you. The types of websites differ in functions; most websites are thought to be static or dynamic, some even have a mixture of both.

In the world of website development, static and dynamic are how you deliver and display your content. A static website is basically a page with certain content that is stable, each time the user decides to enter this page they will see the same exact thing. Whereas on the other hand, a dynamic website is always changing, you can add images, text, products, or even edit what is already there. QTech Networks, a Web design agency in Dubai has a great in-house team that can show you the process of how they create a website.


What is a static website?

A static website is a bunch of webpages created using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Every single page on a static website is a single HTML file that stays as is. The page becomes part of the design and cannot be edited unless the HTML file is coded differently. You can change a static website page by page, for example, if you change something on the HTML homepage it will only edit the homepage.

A famous characteristic of a static page is that you always see the exact same content. Therefore, static websites work better with fewer pages that will not be edited in the future.


What is a dynamic website?

A dynamic website gives you the chance to edit and customize any content; you can even change several pages simultaneously. For example, a dynamic website allows you to pick what content is displayed to people based on their geographical location. You can also show content to use based on their previous interactions on your site, which leads to different content for each user. You can show each user the same content but in their preferred language for example.

Dynamic websites are usually pages with hefty content or e-commerce pages where users can shop products and services. You will need to create many pages to put in all the products and services you provide; in order to enhance the website and make it user-friendly; the content should be reliable and regularly updated. If you are running a clothes shop, and you run out of stock on an item, you need to update that fast. Using dynamic pages is the best way to show these changes.

A website designing company in Dubai uses only dynamic pages, in any case a client wants to edit something they can immediately do it themselves or ask the company to do so.


The main difference between static and dynamic

The content on a static website is always stable, while the content of a dynamic website can change regularly depending on what you want to change.

Content on a static website is stored on the server directly as for the dynamic website, it is stored in a database.

Content edits on a static website needs to be edited 1 by 1, as the dynamic website can be edited across hundreds of pages.

A dynamic site takes longer to set up, but can be very beneficial for the long run; while static sites can be created very fast, but as time passes and you want to edit them, it will be much harder to edit.


Combining both static and dynamic

All websites are complex, and increasing in complexity. People always want more functions to be available, but at the same time be efficient. Therefore, many creators are choosing to go for a mixture of static and dynamic pages put in 1 website.

You may have launched your website with a bunch of static pages, but later realized that you want to add some more products to your page. With a hybrid model, you will get a site that dynamically reacts to client’s needs.

A good web development company should be able to provide you with static, dynamic, and both.

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